The different alternatives of aerobic machines to lose weight at home are many; The choice you make depends on the perfection you have towards the performance of a particular exercise, such as the space and time you have for performing physical exercises. The decisive decision that has the end will be what you want and what you personally prefer. So on this occasion he could only give you some of the special characteristics of each of the aerobic machines that exist to lose weight at home, so that you can opt for one is special that you want.

Treadmill : This kind of aerobic slimming machine is priced quite high. It is one of the most intense aerobic exercises to lose weight since there is a special work of the lower limbs. In the same time unit you will burn more colors than on the bicycle.

Exercise bike : it is ideal to minimize the impact of the joints on the ground, this machine reduces the possibility that you suffer some injuries in the knees and spine. At the same speed as the treadmill, you burn a lower amount of calories, so in order for you to burn the same amount of calories as on the treadmill you need to use the exercise bike for longer and increase the resistance the pedaling movement, which could be that you get tired quickly.

Elliptical : Of course there is no impact of the circulation due to the exercise, but if the weight of the body itself has to support the joint, something other than the bicycle. It is the synthesis of different sports gestures such as pedaling, running, skiing, climbing. It is perfect for you to burn a greater amount of calories than on the bicycle, this is why at the same intensity, all the upper limbs work in addition to the legs.

Stepper : it is one of the smallest aerobics machines with the lowest cost, but the range of motion is limited, so you need to exercise longer at a great speed for you to burn more fat and calories. For some people it can be a bit boring, because of the few variants that it presents within the same respective gesture.


All the people who have tried at some time to lose weight with the performance of exercises will have been able to realize that not everything is valid, but to be to perform the physical exercises in a constant way and, especially to perform the appropriate training. In order for you to eliminate those extra kilos that are on top of you, you need to perform aerobic exercises, that is, anyone who needs a lot of oxygen to carry them out. The different aerobic exercises are all those that are ideal for burning to eliminate calories and burn excess fat in the body.

There is some kind of aerobic weight loss that can be done without leaving home. The best known and most people who want to lose weight is aerobics, very popular during the late 90’s and a fun method by which you can exercise. On different websites you can see different videos where you can clearly see how to perform this kind of exercises, you can place it on your computer or TV and follow the music and choreographies.

If you don’t like aerobics and even worse you can’t do it because you get confused with the steps and movement, maybe you have to buy a stationary bike. It is to be an exercise that does not need a special concentration you can do it while reading or watching your favorite novel, so your training will be more fun and entertaining. To start with the stationary bike it is best to increase the time as the days go by, it is not necessary that you intend to do a lot of kilometers in a single day, you end up very tired and the next day you will not be able to do it.


Today, there are several exercises to lose weight that can be found. But of all of them, there are some that can help achieve that goal easier. And they are as follows:

1.- The most recommended exercise to burn fat is swimming . Well, swimming is undoubtedly one of the best options there is, and this is due to 2 reasons, one of them is because it burns much more calories while you exercise your whole body, and the other reason is that it is a very fun aerobic exercise of doing.

2.- Aerobics exercise routines, are the best recommended fat burning and entertaining exercises for both women and men. A perfect alternative to these aerobics are dance classes to exercise the body, or routines that use urban rhythms.

3.- Another very effective option is the exercises focused on strengthening the muscles: although, their specific intention is not to lose weight, what these exercises do is to help burn more fat gradually, and You see your muscles get stronger. Squats, abs and weights are perfect options.

4.- Spinning is another very advisable option to burn fat of the body. Doing daily walks more or less than an hour by bike or going to the workplace in this means of transportation is a perfect way to stay healthy and put aside those kilos of fat.

5.- An option that cannot be ignored is running. Well, this activity is ideal for several people, because it is a perfect way to lose weight, and in addition you will only need some good shoes to start. But you must start walking or jogging and then increase the pace and duration of workouts as your body gets used.


– You should drink a very good amount of water while doing aerobics, such as small sips every five minutes.

– It also makes some changes in your daily diet, for this you should try to increase the consumption of healthy foods such as vegetables, whole grains and fruits; and decreasing the consumption of sugars and fats.

– And when it comes to performing physical exercises you should not forget to perform the appropriate warm-up and stretching.

– You should also know that the constancy along with physical exercise is what will bring very good results, so it is advisable to keep track of your routine and you should practice it at least three times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.- What is the best aerobic machine we should have at home to lose weight?

There are many options in the market to buy an aerobic machine that helps you lose those extra pounds, without having to leave home, that is, having your own home gym. Of the many exercise machines they can get, the best of those is the rowing machine although it may not be the most common of all, if it is one of the most effective, because it provides a complete aerobic activity, where the lower part of the body is worked, such as the legs and buttocks, the torso and also the arms, that is, that we work each of the muscles, at the same time that we burn more calories .

Then we could say that the second best weight loss machine is the treadmill because it has been determined that running is when calories are most burned, in an intermediate session of 45 to 60 minutes, with moderate intensity, you can burn up to 600 calories.

2.- Is there a routine or exercise that replaces the effectiveness of aerobic machines?

It is not necessary that you go to the gym, or that you have many machines at home to exercise and lose weight, you can also do different incredible routines where you work all the muscles but at the same time you burn calories, just like this one we leave here.

3.- What are the best exercises to lose weight without using a machine?

In this article we mention the different machines that are used to exercise and lose weight, however, we know that not everyone can have access to them at home, so we will tell you what are the best exercises that are used to lose weight without An aerobic machine

The first of these is running which although it can also be done by machine, you can do it quietly in a space available at home or around. A one-hour running workout can help you burn up to 700 calories, if you do it at medium intensity.

Then we have the spinning or the bicycle, which you can do with a machine or with a normal bicycle you have at home, you can go to the store, visit sites near home, or go around the block, you could even use it as a means of transport to work or university, the journey of one hour, with a medium intensity, that is, with some climbs, you could burn up to 600 calories, in addition to developing the muscles of legs and buttocks

Finally we have the swimming which is also considered as another of the best exercises to burn fat, this obviously you have to have a pool nearby in your residence or sign up somewhere you have it, you can reach to burn between 500 and 600 calories per hour of training.

4.- What are the best tips to burn a lot more fat?

While doing some physical activity during the day, you will be constantly burning fat, no matter how much you train, keeping the body moving is essential, now, if you want your body to burn much more calories per day, here we will leave you several tricks very singles:

  • Try to always be on the move, no matter how small the activity is, always choose the options where you are constantly moving, for example, if you have to climb a couple of floors to your home or office, instead of Use the elevator opt for the stairs.
  • Avoid spending many hours without eating, this not only affects your metabolism, but also makes you fall into temptations eating anything unhealthy you get. Try to eat not only the 3 basic meals, but also include snacks or snacks between each of them.
  • Train with weights, not only do aerobics help you lose weight, when you start to incorporate weight this enhances the work of the muscles and therefore, they burn many more calories.


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