Gout is one of the easiest to control joint diseases with typically unpleasant symptoms. A dietary mistake at the bottom may cause a seizure, while dietary treatment is particularly important in preventing seizures .

Gout is a disease that occurs chronically or acutely, manifesting as a gout attack, joint pain, inflammation of the veins, abdominal pain or stones in the urinary tract (urolithiasis).

The nature of the bottom diet

  • Because the cause of gout is a change in the metabolism of purine-containing proteins, the reduction of meat intake in young animals is most important.
  • It is recommended to reduce the total amount of protein to 50-60 g / day, ie 0.6-0.8 g / kg of weight.
  • We only rank meat once a day, | we pay the other proteins in the form of dairy products. The portion of meat should not exceed the recommended 90 g before cooking.
  • In the seizure period, a vegetarian diet without irritating spice | and proper technological preparation of foods (see below) are appropriate.
  • A typical cause of gout is an increase in alcohol intake and obesity. In obese patients there is an effort to reduce weight.
  • The lack of fluid intake also has a negative effect.

Technological preparation of food

A suitable technological treatment for gout is considered to be choking or boiling in a larger amount of liquid to wash out the purines.

Grilling and frying is unsuitable for this reason.

It is possible to use different herbs for flavoring, or the meat can be filled with different kinds of vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, kohlrabi.

We don’t use meat broths and irritating spices.

Don’t let the day go to the last stage

Have you had gout symptoms or have uric acid increased? It is high time to change your lifestyle to avoid the risk of joint involvement and degeneration. Start by having your diet specialist check your diet.

In a non-binding consultation:

  • A specialist will go through your diet and alert you to eating errors that can lead to increased uric acid in your blood.
  • He will suggest a way to reduce the risk of gout (by modifying eating habits). See exactly how they can help you in your town | with the bottom

Permitted and prohibited foods

Permitted food

Meat: lean beef and pork, less often poultry

Fish: skinless freshwater fish

Sausages: In times of calm, sometimes ham

Fats: oil, vegetable butter, less often butter and cream

Dairy products: sour, curd yoghurt, cheese processed, sliced ​​

Eggs: only occasionally

Fruits and vegetables: All kinds except forbidden, compotes, puree, baked vegetables, …

Soups: preferably vegetable and cereal

Baby foods: potatoes, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, buckwheat, millet

Desserts and sweet foods: best non-fat species, fruit, quark, sponge cake

Drinks: mineral waters, fruit, vegetable juices, teas

Prohibited foods

Meat: Venison, offal, smoked meat, steaks

Sausages: All kinds

Fats: bacon, fatty foods, fried foods

Dairy products: in a fit of ripening and mold cheeses

Eggs: often and large quantities, mayonnaise

Fruits and vegetables: rhubarb, spinach

Soups: meat broths, bag and legume soups

Baby food: French fries, pulses

Desserts and sweet foods: chocolate, fried varieties

Beverages: Cocoa, chocolate, strong black tea, alcoholic beverages, coffee beans

Diet at the bottom

Breakfast: wholemeal baguette, cheese spread with paprika

Snack: Nectarine

Lunch: risotto with meat and green peas, carrot salad

Snack: Fruit-flavored kefir

Dinner: meatless pasta with cheese, pumpkin, onion, garlic, Provencal spice

Recipe – Light Cheesecake

Raw materials:

  • low-fat cottage cheese 500 g
  • egg whites 3 pieces
  • Gelatin bags 2 pieces
  • One lemon juice
  • Grape sugar / 4-spoon artificial sweetener
  • Strawberries to taste 1 handful


  1. Whisk the whites on solid snow.
  2. In another bowl, dissolve the gelatine as instructed on the package, and finally add 1 lemon juice.
  3. Mix with curd and sweeten to taste.
  4. Stir in the whipped egg whites and pour the mixture into a bowl and set in a refrigerator.
  5. Cut into pieces and garnish with strawberries, or we can mix a part of the strawberries.
  6. Let it set in a freezer for about 1 hour.

Experience with diet at the bottom

Being a healing diet, a bottom diet serves to alleviate the effects or prevent this joint disease.

Diet is very individual, it’s necessary to try what fits us and what doesn’t do us well. In diet it is essential to monitor the intake of purine substances.

Gout often occurs in individuals with obesity and basically always helps to lose at least a few kilograms (optimally around 10 kg).

Patients feel relieved to eat curative herbal teas, and especially to avoid alcohol.

The advantages and disadvantages of a bottom-up diet


  • It serves to prevent disease.
  • Dieting leads to weight loss by reducing the frequency of inappropriate technological cooking.
  • Diet adjusts less appropriate eating habits.
  • We can observe it for a long time, but |
  • It leads to a healthier lifestyle, a reduction in alcohol consumption, and adherence to a drinking regime.


    • Keeping this diet for other joint diseases | is far from such an effect and is rather overrated.
    • Loss of appetite may coincide with disease due to seizures, and it’s important to monitor and detect these symptoms in time.


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