There are more and more people who want to try this revolutionary way of losing weight. What is a Box Diet and how will it help you with weight loss?

The principle of a favorite boxed diet

You can simply order food that is designed to receive only a certain amount of energy and nutrients, effectively reducing your weight.

You can order your menu for a few weeks in advance. Many enthusiasts will confirm that this diet really works.

Where did she come from?

This idea was given to Swedish siblings Niklas Aronsson and Lina Gebäck back in 2007 . And because of their great success, it soon spread to other northern European countries. After a few years, this trend was also inspired by the Czech Republic .

Permitted food

You don’t have to worry about what is allowed or not on this diet. Simply enough, if you eat really only what you get ready in the boxes and you will not eat anything else.

Generally, boxes consist of:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • quality composite carbohydrates
  • low-fat meat products
  • low-fat dairy products
  • nuts and seeds

Prohibited foods

Forbidden is anything you can’t find in boxes. The only thing you can make an exception is the added amount of low-calorie vegetables.


  • high-fat and high-fat dairy
  • canned
  • Sweets
  • dried fruits
  • sweet lemonade
  • Alcohol

Who will appreciate the import of food | home?

Anyone who doesn’t have time to prepare healthy meals alone and wants to take the opportunity to relieve the hassle of grocery shopping.

Very busy people

    – if you spend most of your day at work | and don’t have time to prepare meals, the finished food will tear your thorn off your heel.

  • Overweight people – if you’re overweight and you don’t know how to eat, | it may be a good start for you.
  • Mothers at the nursery – taking care of the children and the household | is demanding. Ready meals relieve you of the obligation to cook. is also convinced of the benefits of a boxed diet for employed people. In the Top 5 Benefits of Healthy Meal Delivery Services, he says:

“Nobody wants to go to the grocery | after work, especially when he’s busy. You have to spend some time choosing food, standing in front of you and sitting in your car on your way home. If you don’t go to the store, you won’t have dinner. With this concept, you know dinner is waiting in the fridge at home. ”

Gluten-free and low carb

There are a variety of programs that will satisfy snacks, allergy sufferers, and supporters of a variety of eating styles.

The most popular box-type diets:

    • Gluten-free, lactose-free, and other allergens

low carb

  • Paleo
  • sugar free
  • for pregnant and nursing women
  • health recovery
  • Detoxification
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • diabetic
  • for athletes


You can get something extra

Some companies provide, in addition to food preparation, measurements on bioimpendance devices, examination at a friendly clinic, consultation with a dietitian or fitness trainer, and online counseling. The price will give you tips for appropriate physical activity and answers to all your questions.

Sample diet for a one-day diet

  • Breakfast: Two pieces of wholemeal bread, cottage cheese spread, two slices of lean ham, radish
  • Snack: Apple and white yoghurt
  • Lunch: Grilled cod with mashed potatoes, broccoli
  • Snack: 3 knäckebrots with low-fat cheese, cucumber
  • Dinner: Baked potatoes with zucchini, tomatoes and cottage cheese, vegetable salad

Benefits of a box diet

  • No worries about cooking
  • No worries about shopping
  • tasty, nutritionally balanced and healthy meals
  • regular meals
  • variety menu
  • Serving large enough just
  • Ready meals can be taken anywhere with you
  • natural weight loss
  • More time for yourself, family, and friends

According to “we don’t have enough time to cook. Therefore, it is very easy to resist temptation and end up at the fast food window. The big problem is that these foods are very unhealthy. Packed diets are the ideal way to a better diet. You don’t have to invent new recipes or waste time shopping and cooking. Plus, you get meals with a lot of nutrients and lose a few pounds. ” highlights important benefits:

“They provide balanced and nutritious diet plans. The menu is designed to ensure enough nutrients in every meal while keeping calories, fats and sugars under control. This way, you can easily maximize your vitamin and mineral intake and be more productive than ever. ”


  • you eat what’s available, not what you want
  • Sometimes too strict a regime
  • Limited choice of meals
  • In some cases, more costly (depending on the provider)

Did you know that with a box diet, for example, Demi Moore, Jenifer Anistion, Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Lopez |

What do experts say about boxed diets

According to experts, it is important to choose carefully. Not all programs pay off. warns against companies that combine white rice, pasta and white flour bread, wheat tortillas and other simple carbohydrates with heavy sauces and fatty meat in meals.

If you find a diet plan suited to your current needs, it will help you. According to,

“Choose a service with the best choice of recipes for your target. Focus on dishes that contain a larger portion of vegetables, an optimal source of protein (fish, poultry, lentils, beans) and healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains of cereals. ”

MUDr. Václava Kunová adds:

“If you indulge in comfort in the form of this diet, you should feel good all day. To do this, it is not enough only to meet the daily recommended doses of energy and nutrients, but it is necessary to properly spread everything so that during the day there will never be a big drop in blood sugar, which is associated with hunger, irritability and greater tendency to break diet. If, on the other hand, blood sugar fluctuations are noticeable, the body gets rid of fat deposits preferentially, and one feels mentally comfortable and less tired than before the diet started. ”

According to Karolína Hlavaté and Petr Havlíček of I know what these weight loss programs can help him.

“If properly folded, they will help you lose weight correctly. I.e. if they have enough protein, it will help you lose fat and maintain muscle mass. ”

How to choose the right box diet seller?

 Choosing a box diet seller

Find out what ingredients are used to prepare meals

Individual meals should consist of healthy and preferably unprocessed ingredients. This includes in particular fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grain breads, legumes, healthy fats and less fatty dairy products. The advantage is the intake of vegetables in the volume of 200-400 g per day and at least partial use of local ingredients.

Working with a nutritionist

On the I Know website, nutritionists are drawing attention to the importance of a professional diet guarantee:

“It’s good to see who’s behind the diet, whether it’s a qualified expert, such as a nutritional therapist, or there’s no such information on the web. Sales of packed diets are not legally bound to any special qualifications, so they can be produced by anyone who wants them. ”

Nutrition Specialist Ing. Iva Veselá for said:

“You should be able to know the diet beforehand, the composition of the meals, the nutritional value of each meal who makes the meal, and whether this person has the appropriate education.”

Individual programs

You can tell the quality of a boxing diets company by seeing if they offer multiple reduction programs. The consultant will personally or remotely recommend an ideal program based on your age, metabolism, height, weight and energy expenditure.

Avoid drastic weight loss

Be interested in the amount of caloric intake that should match your metabolic needs. Too low the caloric value of the food in the boxes can lead to hunger and the resulting jojo effect. Kristýna Galová, Nutrition Advisor, told

“With some box-based diets, the daily energy intake is reduced to 4400 kJ. With healthy weight loss, however, it is generally not recommended to take less than about 5000 kJ per day for women and 6000 kJ for men. ”

Look for reviews

When looking for a supplier, don’t focus on price alone. Find the most information, read the reviews carefully and make decisions. Find out who composes the daily menu for you. It should be experienced nutritional specialists who seasonally change food from the box. You can find good providers of box diet in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Ostrava, Olomouc and smaller towns.

End of shopping, food planning and cooking. Do you already know how to enjoy your free time? You will see that even weight loss will go better.



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