When you are pregnant, many bodily changes are experienced, when you are first time you can feel many different things or even if it is your third pregnancy you can feel things that you had not felt with previous pregnancies.

The increase in the volume of your belly brings with it an increase in body weight, but internally it also brings pressure from the internal organs, the stomach, the intestine, the bladder and the diaphragm are affected by this growth, which although gradual When the baby is larger and moves or kicks, they may feel pain that they had not experienced before.

Symptoms such as constipation, continuous urination, heartburn, uncontrolled hunger, swelling in the feet and hands, may be frequent in this regard, and in this period.

Being up to a point a normal mechanism of defense and control of the organism to present all these discomforts as it is testimony that a new being grows and forms naturally and normally within you.


When we walk while pregnant, depending on the week of gestation in which we are we can present more, or less discomfort. There are some ladies, who perform jogging and continuous exercises, is that possible?

Yes, certainly and it is recommended to perform some physical practice, some activity to activate circulation and venous return during pregnancy. However, a good medical check-up must be requested to perform it. Many women who have developed athletic conditions before pregnancy tend to label those who do not practice lazy.

Ahh but let me tell you that not everyone feels the same mood or has the same physical condition.


When a mother becomes pregnant after the age of 40, it is considered a high-risk pregnancy so the pregnancy is sought to pass in a controlled, peaceful and calm way. They can even indicate home rest or absolute rest depending on the mother’s previous condition. When the doctor detects a risk situation and indicates rest, the mother should not become creative, invent or feel less than others, and put her life and that of the baby at risk.

We must understand that at that stage it is we who provide life, the baby is not yet in a position to be, an independent entity, therefore, he needs us to eat, breathe, maintain, grow and live … so, we must take Consider these aspects and respect medical opinion and maintain rest.

However there are options.

For some mothers with slightly difficult pregnancies and going through situations such as these, there are healthy and safe alternatives in which they can relieve their swelling in their feet, their back pain and pain in their hips.


When you dive into the water it is as if you did not have that extra weight you can mobilize better, then you enter a pool of medium depth, where the water covers your torso and you can calmly walk in the water or just dive as if, they would take your belly and give you some time of relief.

It is a feeling of fullness and incredible freedom, the fact that for a few moments you can move with greater freedom and feel that your whole body rests and there is a breake. These moments are important. When one embarks on pregnancy, it is not after thinking that so many changes will occur, one thing is to see a pregnant woman in the street, another very different is to feel it and be.

Being in the water.

While in the water, it is best that you can:

  • walk, move at your own pace, at your speed, that you adapt by not feeling the full weight.
  • Raise and lower your legs alternately, one first and one later, so that you don’t lose your bra in the water. Although yes or you will lose no problem because there are lower risks of falling and hitting you.
  • Crouch gently to where the water covers your neck to tone the pelvic floor and get up gently.
  • In some cases you can make simple movements of aerobics in the water, which has a greater mobility but that the muscular impact is similar to that performed outside the water.
  • Take continuous breaths to improve your own breathing capacity and strengthen circulation.
  • If the body allows it and you feel comfortable you can also swim for a while, from the back, chest or freestyle or crowl, as you feel more comfortable and feel that the movement flows, that it is not a load or that you do it With an over effort.
  • Likewise, it is recommended to be cautious and not sue in the performance of movements and exercises since, the fact that you do not feel the weight in the belly does not mean that you are not pregnant and even more so that the water is not exerting a pressure Internal type infant drainage and massage. In addition, the movement in the water is usually even more demanding than the one done outside because the barrier imposed by the mass of water for the movement must be overcome.
  • If after performing any of these routines you observe or feel any pain in the lower abdomen, or any other reaction that you do not expect and dislike, do not hesitate to immediately attend a specialist.
  • When you leave and when entering the pool you are advised to be very careful of slips, hold yourself well, go out the stairs and ask for help when you leave, they can be the best decisions. You use anti-slip sandals and place them right next to the stairs so that when you leave you can have access to them immediately.


During the first 14 weeks of pregnancy is when the body of every pregnant woman begins to work hard to accommodate the new physical state. They are also essential weeks for the development of the baby, which is affected by feeding, health, emotional state and even environmental agents, even before you confirm pregnancy.


In pregnancy, a woman’s metabolism increases between 10 and 25% above her normal state.

On the other hand, blood volume increases by 40%, which ensures the supply of nutrients to the fetus. This change is maintained throughout the pregnancy period.

The heart rate increases to 15 beats per minute and gradually increases until the middle of the second trimester.

Breathing is more intense so you can ensure that oxygen also reaches the baby.

The chest becomes larger and begins to have quite a touch sensitivity from the first moment, this is caused by the hormonal production of estrogen and progesterone.

It also begins to increase fat deposits and begins the development of new milk ducts.

The uterus also begins to undergo certain changes, that is, it begins to increase in size and the muscle fibers begin to have more volume, but this is not visible through the abdominal wall until the end of the first trimester. Although when developing compresses the bladder and it is there where you need to urinate is more frequent.


During the first trimester of pregnancy the best thing you can do is listen to your body. If your body indicates that you want a little rest, it is better that you stop performing exercises for when you are more energized and stronger.

At least you have to try to exercise at least three days a week. If during the gestation period you lose the rhythm of the exercises, it is difficult to recover it until after delivery. The exercises or physical activities that I recommend you do are the following.


It is a beautiful dance that is characterized mainly by its gentle movements, precisely those that are great for a pregnant woman. In this dance you have to perform different postures and the different pelvic exercises that are performed make this dance a special activity for every pregnant woman.


Even if you don’t believe it, gymnastics is recommended for women to do during pregnancy, of course not all gymnastics exercises, but a lot. It doesn’t matter if you have done exercises before or not. There are many positive variants that you have. For example, the aquagym. Gymnastics has enough benefit for pregnant women and of course for the baby.


What better way to do water sports like swimming. It is an exercise that provides many benefits for the pregnant woman and certainly for the baby. The best thing you can do is a slow swimming time so you can completely clear your mind, in addition to strengthening your body for pregnancy.


In the following video I leave you with an important routine of exercises recommended for women who are in the first trimester of pregnancy. I hope you find these exercises very useful.


Frequently asked questions

1.- Is swimming recommended for pregnant women?

This is something that many people know and know, women can practice exercises during the pregnancy stage, because it is not only good for maintaining optimal health, but also ideal for ensuring a better labor. Among these exercises, it can be noted that one of the most suitable for pregnant women is swimming.

It is always good to keep the body active, especially at this stage, the woman feels much calmer and more relaxed, she can go preparing the body for when it is time to give birth but also for when the baby is already born , which is when women worry about returning to their ideal weight.

It is recommended that before performing any physical activity during pregnancy, go to the opinion of a doctor or your gynecologist, so that it is this person who tells you what physical activity you can develop. If everything goes perfectly in your pregnancy, then the most advisable is a routine of at least 30 minutes a day of training, always controlling the intensity of the exercise.

2.- What are the benefits of practicing pregnant swimming?

  • Improves body circulation, which is ideal for the developing fetus.
  • The weight of the belly is lightened during the whole training, which is ideal for when the pregnancy is already progressing and you want to rest.
  • Promotes relaxation that in turn favors the mood of the mother and her baby.
  • All body muscles, such as the arms, legs and buttocks, are worked.
  • Linkages and joints are strengthened, which prevent future damage.
  • You are constantly burning calories.
  • Improves the quality of sleep, due to the state of relaxation achieved by the body.

3.- What care should be taken when exercising in the water?

Care to exercise during pregnancy is always necessary, and certain precautions should also be taken for swimming.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you can perform a 30-minute routine with moderate intensity, especially in the morning, it is ideal to combat nausea, something that many pregnant women suffer, and it will keep you active for the rest of the day.

For the second trimester you should use a swimsuit that is much more suitable for the figure, prevents the belly from being tight, get a two-piece bikini or a pre-mom swimsuit, which are ideal. At this point you start dealing with back or leg pains, and swimming is very favorable. Avoid swimming in deep depths so as not to make more pressure than necessary.

For the last trimester, that is, the final stretch of pregnancy, try to make your swimming style breaststroke, it is the movement that will be most beneficial because it helps to lengthen the muscles of the chest and back, these are areas that can be affected during pregnancy. It is recommended that at this point, you use a mask so that it can be much easier to breathe, without having to lift your face constantly.

Always stay hydrated when you go swimming training, like any other sport here you also burn a lot of calories and you need to drink a lot of water.

It is also advisable that in the final stage of pregnancy, you opt for much softer workouts, do not demand too much remember that at this point it is much easier to get tired, let the training flow, small movements, short but impact.

4.- What exercises to do in the pool to lose weight?

Swimming can not only be used before and during pregnancy, you can also enjoy its benefits later, training underwater, even to lose those extra pounds and recover the previous figure. Here we leave you this video with a abdomen workout to train in the pool.



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