Why can’t I gain weight when I train? How to gain muscle mass if you are thin is the central theme of this week and here are several tips.

It is really frustrating, in most cases, not being able to observe the aesthetic and sometimes performance results that you wanted so much, even when you train like a beast in the gym, in a park, in your home, etc.

We could say that there are many reasons why a woman has a hard time gaining muscle mass and the most prominent reason is due to genetics.

 increase woman muscle mass

We are born with a certain number of muscle fibers and at the same time since very early ages these fibers that we are going to have are more or less in 90% delimited.

To some extent, the size of your body mass can also be controlled by your metabolism and the stimuli you can apply to it.

How to Increase Muscle Mass in Women

If you have a lot of difficulty gaining muscle volume then you are very likely to have a rapid metabolism, which means that your body burns calories at a faster rate than normal.

You should take all this into account when considering a particular diet and / or training program. That’s when you have to ask yourself:

Is this diet related to my metabolism and my goals? Is the training suitable for my needs on how to gain muscle mass?

Because as you may know, there are many ways to train. Some work and others do not, but for the specific goal of increasing muscle mass there are rules that all thin people (with fast metabolism) must follow.

 How to gain muscle mass if you are thin


The first major inconvenience that arises is that Most thin women do not have convenient information about their physical condition and how to gain muscle mass.

No matter how minimal you are well motivated, your sacrifices will be in vain if the regimes are incorrect and the training applied is wrong.

To give an example, to say that you should give more relevance to lean protein sources is a kind of mistake, while in your case you are thin and that it is difficult to gain muscle mass.

Apart from considering a good clear training, the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, etc., is much more essential, as these contribute to the precise and also Essential glucose slowly and unceasingly, and also provide some protein, fat and nutrients (vitamins and minerals).

To summarize this rule, thin people generally apply the advice of people (instructors, colleagues, friends, etc.) who have never had trouble winning measures; So, If you want to know how to gain muscle mass I invite you to continue reading this article.


How to increase muscle mass if you don’t trust yourself? For most women who start a plan Training to progress your physical and health, starting is half the “battle.”

The other half is going to be motivated by the incessant negativity and mockery that they can perceive from other people. Patience, concentration and motivation are the keys to not abandon to achieve your goals. And naturally it is a good exercise routine and a convenient nutritional plan.

A few words or negative gestures can hurt you a lot only if you let it. The most insulting things you can hear are coming from friends, colleagues or well-known gym.

People hate change in you, it makes them insecure, because suddenly they discover that there is more in you than they surely wanted to accept. They fear that you can actually achieve your goal. That makes them feel less “superior.”

Once you start your nutrition and training plan to gain muscle volume you must have faith and think about what you do. Stay focused and avoid the company of negative people who can criticize you. If you can and want, keep your routine and plan a secret.

Keep in mind that seeing results requires a good time (six or more months), and that it is not a thing that will happen in a few days of training. And eye, when you get to achieve good results you must continue exercising hard, of course if you want to sustain all the gains.


How to gain muscle mass with rest? This is the rather difficult term for many to understand because it involves Less action, rather than more. The moment we motivate ourselves and start a new routine, it is natural to want to do something.

We want to train, train and train, thinking that the more you train, the more you will win. Unfortunately for women who find it difficult to gain weight, this is very far from reality, because as you may well have heard there:

“Rest is essential, and it grows in the night while sleeping. ”

More routines and exercises are not equal to more muscle development . You must understand that the purpose of weight training is to encourage muscle development, plus true hypertrophy occurs thanks to rest and nutrition.

That takes a short time in the day and once that is done, the muscle needs to be repaired. We affirm better that the new muscle fibers were well stimulated and therefore will be able to hypertrophy . This only happens when you sleep, apart from nourishing yourself well (I’ll talk about food below).

The use of weights

This tip of how to gain muscle mass is one of the fundamentals you should follow.

Free weights (dumbbells) are better than machines for many reasons, and the most essential is the fact that free weights allow the stimulation of a greater amount of muscle fibers while you exercise Well, in one way or another you are going to have to work harder to maintain balance.

 Exercises to increase muscle mass in women

Encouraging these synergy and muscle stabilization fibers will let you get stronger, and as a result you will build muscle faster.

Yes, quite a few people can still build muscle mass using “static” machines, but why more difficult make it difficult if you already have complexity to achieve the marked purposes? Of course, there are going to be exercises such as the Flat Bank Press, the free squat with a barbell and the dead weight itself to be able to “load” more weight, you should never miss your routine.

Lifting a challenging weight

Gaining muscle involves partially lifting heavy weight. This is precise due to the fact that the muscle fibers that grow the most in size are better stimulated by their lifting.

The challenge is going to be something that lets you do only eight to ten repetitions (or sometimes less but with more weight, without this compromising the technique of executing each exercise) already before the muscle failure (if well sometimes you can reach the fault if you have a good level).

However, be careful to get injured by lifting weights beyond your limits. Listen to your body

Short and intense routines

Your goal should be to enter the gym, train hard with focus and get out as fast as possible (no more than an hour, or well maybe if you did more exercises per muscle set).

It is not necessary to do many exercises for each part of the body. You should not do more than three exercises for each part of the body.

Doing more than three exercises will not assist you in how to gain muscle mass quickly although in certain people it can work depending on their genetic potential, food / supplementation and other internal factors such as circumventing the burden, the late nights, and so on.

So, in some people doing more than three exercises per muscle could cause losses (although of course, these “losses” are temporary, something like temporary muscle atrophies).

If you do not want to lose what you have gained throughout the routine, I invite you to limit your workouts to no more than 1 hour (it may take longer if you plan to do routines to gain anaerobic resistance and you don’t find it interesting both pronounced muscle volume).

Remember that it is also essential to warm up before training and stretching after the weight routine, in order to increase the strength, flexibility and efficient restoration of the muscles.

Proper nutrition

What to eat to increase muscle mass? Quite a few people will tell you: “Good, you can eat as much as you want (including food) moralla) and do not get fat ”, and somehow it is true, although these meals do not reflect on your physique, little by little, with the passage of time, you will accumulate visceral fat (although it is not noticeable) and can bring you Some medical problems

 How to gain muscle mass with food

However, if you train, these inconveniences can be reduced. However, it is better to avoid than regret.

🔥 You can follow this diet to increase muscle mass in thin women. 🔥

By this I mean that you should increase your caloric intake, and for many a simple, fast and exquisite (but not very nutritious) way, is to eat hamburgers, dogs, pizzas, French fries, in short.

And well, they can somehow be worth it to help you restore those calories that the body needs to build and build muscle.

But you can also do it in a healthier way by eating for example, fruits in greater quantity, much rice with meats such as chicken, fish, tuna; The egg is a great source of protein apart from being very affordable.

Carbohydrates are more essential than proteins to increase muscle mass.

Well, these are tips from how to gain muscle mass in women and especially if you are a thin girl . Remember that patience, concentration and dedication are key to achieving your goals to gain weight and muscle mass .



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