How to lose weight naturally

How to lose weight naturally - how to lose weight and lose weight healthily

Body activity is key to maintaining weight levels in our body. It is the best way to lose weight and the good thing is that it is purely natural. Many people can be sedentary and others can be agitated with varying levels of intensity.

This brings negative or positive consequences to our body depending on the type of activity that is performed. That is why food and exercise influences the balance of our body weight.


A person with a sedentary body activity is likely to develop weight accumulation if their eating routine is messy and rich in nutrients that increase their calories and saturated or monounsaturated fatty acids.

However, sedentary lifestyle alone is not unhealthy if it is used in favor of the body, nor is the belief that sedentary lifestyle is the cause of obesity or weight gain in the body.

This article aims to give some tips to lose weight naturally in just one month with different body exercises and accompanied by a healthy diet in which body shaking and sedentary exercises will be combined that will also help eliminate factors that cause obesity.


Fasting is a way to heal the body. For centuries it has been considered by great sages as the miraculous cure. In fact, the concept of fasting comes from antiquities and was used as a way to coexist between the human and the spiritual, since it requires a great capacity to resist temptations. One of these tensions is the anxiety to eat food during its implementation.

It is important to know that fasting is not of healthy food but of all those things that make us gain weight, fried foods, fats, fizzy sugars. For fasting detox to be effective, it must contain a percentage of psychological preparation so that it does not affect the purpose for which it will be implemented. Convince yourself of the objective for which it is being carried out, which in this case would be the loss of obesity or body fat.

Detox is the intake of beverages that purify the body, such as lemon water, or cucumber and why not oatmeal water, the idea is to substitute for a whole week what we ate or drank with vegetables, fruits dried, green smoothies, in order to clean the body.


In this sense, to begin with the exercise of fasting with detox we must be clear about the objective for which it is being implemented. Then choose a day when you do not require agitated physical or intellectual activity that can disturb your concentration and your inner peace. This will take two consecutive days per week so that the activity is not interrupted during those two days.

Once the two consecutive days per week are chosen, it should be borne in mind that the only consumable food during those two days is water and one fruit every four hours, which can be chosen from this group: apple, strawberries , grapes or bananas.


And finally, eliminate from our diet in the remaining five days of the week, saturated, monounsaturated and all sucrose fats, as well as not being carried away by anxiety that can be controlled with a tablespoon of white vinegar or Apple in the morning upon waking and at night at bedtime.

Applying this exercise for a month, you can enjoy a healthy body and lose weight quickly and safely, since fasting activates its natural mechanisms of healing, healing and consumes those negative fatty acids within our body.


The exercises described below are tools that combined, produce the elimination of calories and fatty acids that were accumulated in our body, either due to body inactivity, disorder in our diet or the combination of both.

These exercises could be carried out progressively according to the physical complexion of each person, but they must be constant, so that they can meet the goal of losing pesp during the time that includes a month.

One hour a day, every day of the week will be enough to complete the goal. In addition to this, the various food advice should be taken into account to assume a responsible and consistent diet that facilitates the commitment assumed.


Breathing: this is done during all the exercises and is inhaled in the first movement and exhaled in the second movement. The rhythm is maintained in all movements which will be counted mentally as 1 and 2 infinitely while the movements of each exercise last. It is important because breathing is what will carry oxygen throughout the body and will facilitate the flow of the bloodstream, which will prevent the formation of cramps.

We will start warming the body with squats that will not take more than five minutes, making five sets of five squats. Rotations and inclinations of the body back and forth or laterally with the same series. Also do the above with the neck.

After the warm-up we continue with squats with high jump, which consists of placing your legs apart with the toes out, throwing the hips back and sitting until the knees are bent at a right angle, push up Hips, jump and land gently. This exercise should be repeated 10 times.


Once the previous exercise is finished, we immediately move on to the next one, which is called flexion with a raised hand which consists of being placed in an iron position face down with the legs stretched with the back and neck forming a straight line.

(in the case of people who are overweight or not accustomed to exercising can support the knees), breathe and bend the elbows to form right angles and lower, then go up and touch your left shoulder with your hand Right and vice versa, changing hands. Repeat it ten times.


We continue with an iron with a jump, in which the position of iron will be adopted with the legs, knees bent and hands glued to the floor, the back and the neck forming a straight line, with the legs and abdominals tight.

In a jump, bring your feet to your hands and then jump up, stretching your arms, return to the original position and repeat from the beginning, ten times.

Each of these exercises is a series that you must complete as a cycle when doing 12 series.

How to lose weight naturally and without risk to your health


Many people have the wrong idea that to lose weight they have to stop eating, and they are punished by spending hours and hours of hunger without consuming any food. Well then, you have to avoid complaining about every thing you consume outside the diet. Every time you are hungry you can eat something, but be healthy.


As much as you are overweight, it is a mistake to try to lose many kilos in a short time, as it will be difficult to achieve and will be a health hazard. Then it is necessary that you look for a plan to lose weight little by little that fits your needs. Slimming gradually will also help to avoid the rebound effect.


Strict diets may, if they really help you lose some weight, but not in the healthy way you want, as it will cause side effects such as hair loss, nerves, stress and the possibility of eating disorders. It is better that you prefer a healthy and balanced diet as possible.


To maintain a good state of health it is necessary to lose weight a few, which will help to avoid the rebound effect and that you can be fit for longer. Slimming a few also helps to achieve better eating habits to have a better quality of life.


The mind is a weapon with enough power that can play for or against when you want to lose weight, so that you can benefit you have to control your emotions in the best way, thus avoiding being bored and stressed, since this can generate cravings for food and you will end up eating more than the story, especially you will consume sweets and high-calorie food that does not help you lose weight.


Physical exercises are always part of every healthy weight loss plan, as well as being the best complement to any diet. It is recommended that at least half an hour of exercises per day be performed, especially that they are cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, driving, cycling, jumping rope, etc.

Frequently asked questions

1.- What are the best exercises to lose weight?

There are many exercises that are perfect and ideal for losing weight, some require a higher caloric expenditure than others, therefore, those are the ones we should try to have as first on the list to lose weight more quickly.

The first one we will mention is the step, this is a simple exercise, but where the muscles are worked, such as the legs, buttocks and hips, but also burns a lot of fat. It is as simple as having a step or some base where you can get on, so that you repeat the movement of going up and down, in sessions of one hour or 40 minutes of training, you can increase the difficulty with a higher step or by incorporating some weight and You’ll see how in a matter of weeks you start seeing the results, burning up to 800 calories a day.

2.- How much exercise do you have to do per week to lose weight?

When you are on a weight loss plan, food and exercise should be part of your daily life, that is, that of the 7 days of the minimum week you should train 5 days, leaving 2 to rest, of so that with a routine of at least one hour, you can burn between 400 to 800 calories in a single day, this translates into at least 2 kilos less per week.

Do not focus on obtaining incredible results in a very short time, it is not good to become obsessed with food, or with exercises, everything is a gradual process, which at the beginning may be much later, but with the passing Over time the organism will adapt and you will see how you have already lost a lot of weight.

3.- What foods to eat to lose weight fast?

If you want to lose weight, there is nothing better than eating healthy, no strict diets or excessive exercise, you should eat healthy and keep a balance, and here we leave you the opinion of an expert in the field that will tell you which They are your favorite foods to lose weight.

4.- What juices to take to lose weight healthily?

We have heard a lot about the famous detoxifying juices to lose weight, and although they are not a magical solution to lose weight, they can help you a lot in this process of weight loss. Here we will show you how to prepare 2 juices.

Lemon, cucumber and cabbage juice

What you will need is, a couple of cabbage leaves, the juice of a lemon, 1/3 cucumber cut into pieces without the peel, an apple, and 1 and a half cups of coconut water. The preparation is simple, you must wash all the ingredients, cut them and add them all in the blender, and drink, preferably without sugar.

Beet, ginger and cabbage juice

For this detoxifying juice you will need, a few mint leaves, a couple of cabbage leaves, a green apple, a beet, a carrot, half a cucumber, a teaspoon of grated ginger plus a glass of water . To prepare it again, wash everything very well, remove the peels and liqueur, then strain it and drink it.

Tomato juice

Believe it or not, tomato juice is also ideal for weight loss, to prepare it is very simple, you just need, two tomatoes or tomato juice ready, the juice of two lemons and two cups of water. Mix all the ingredients, put some ice on it and enjoy it.



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