How to Lose Weight With Honey and Cinnamon

<pre>How to Lose Weight With Honey and Cinnamon - How to Lose Weight and Lose Weight Healthy

Honey and cinnamon are natural products that can be considered a miracle of nature, which have special properties to improve our health.

Among all the properties that these products have, it is important to highlight the properties that they have to lose weight and lose weight, so do not hesitate to take advantage of it so that you can be fit and of course have a better state of health.

Honey and cinnamon can be consumed separately, but what better if we combine it to maximize its benefits and also so that a pleasant flavor can be obtained so that you can consume it daily.

Before showing you how you have to consume honey and cinnamon to lose weight, I want to show you what are the main benefits of these natural foods.


If you consume honey and cinnamon daily in some special preparation, that is if you consume it mixed, you will achieve the following benefits.


It is recommended to lose weight, because they allow you to stimulate the metabolism and reduce anxiety for foods that have a high percentage of sugar, which means that you will be consuming fewer calories.

In addition, cinnamon is primarily perfect for regulating blood glucose levels and is also perfect for preventing fluid retention and helps eliminate body fat. But of course, you will not be able to lose weight with honey and cinnamon in a miraculous way, since it is only complementary foods of a good diet and exercise routine to be in shape.


The combination of cinnamon and honey works perfectly as a natural antibiotic. It is recommended to expel the cold from the body and avoid certain health problems that are usually caused by viruses and bacteria.

If you frequently consume honey with cinnamon, be sure that neither the flu will affect you, since the body’s defenses will be working perfectly.


Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties that work as a natural antibiotic, it makes them special products to relieve and avoid problems of throat infections, in addition to being recommended to treat pharyngitis, tonsillitis, aphonia, dysphonia, etc.

If you want to take advantage of the properties it has to relieve the problem of throat infection, the best thing you can do is a cinnamon tea with honey, with which you have to gargle.


Its calorific and antioxidant properties, makes the mixture of cinnamon with honey be recommended to treat and avoid health problems such as osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

That is, it is recommended to improve joint health and especially avoid certain ailments.


Because it helps reduce cholesterol, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart and manages to regulate its rhythm, it is recommended to improve cardiovascular health in general.

With a good tea of ​​cinnamon and honey you will be able to provide special nutrients that will allow you to perform physical exercises in the best way.


Many times due to poor digestion of food consumed, you have a bloated stomach, you gain weight and the body feels tired. To improve and alleviate this problem, do not hesitate to take advantage of the properties that cinnamon has with honey.

Just take half a cup of these products half an hour before each meal. Although half an hour after each meal you can also take it.


With the optimal consumption of honey with cinnamon you will rejuvenate the body both internally and externally. This is because they are products that have a high content of antioxidants that allow you to keep your body tissues in good condition, so you can use it as part of a beauty treatment.

In addition, you will be able to avoid certain chronic diseases, so do not hesitate to choose to consume honey honey tea with cinnamon.


It is perfect to be able to perfectly fall asleep, so before bedtime you have to have a cup of cinnamon tea with honey.


To make the most of the properties of cinnamon and honey, I recommend you prepare a tea with these natural ingredients.

Ingredients: a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey and a cup of water.

Preparation : you just have to boil the water in a kettle, let it boil for at least 5 minutes. Remove the water from the heat and add the ground cinnamon to let stand for at least 10 minutes.

After the indicated time, you just have to serve and sweeten with honey. Ready, you will be ready to drink. Feel free to have a cup of cinnamon tea and honey on an empty stomach so you can lose weight without problem.


One of the easiest ways to consume honey and where you can take advantage of its weight loss properties is to prepare a tea with honey.

For the preparation of a good tea to lose weight you need two tablespoons of honey, the juice of a lemon, a cup of water and cinnamon. Start by boiling the water, when it starts to boil add the cinnamon and let it simmer for a few minutes.

Then remove from heat and let cool slightly so that you just add lemon juice and honey. Move well so that the honey dissolves perfectly in the water and you already have the tea ready.

Once you have the tea ready, I recommend that you consume it on an empty stomach every morning to get good results, since on an empty stomach where you can best take advantage of the properties of honey to lose weight.

Frequently asked questions

1.- Does a spoonful of honey before sleep really help you lose weight?

When you want to lose weight, you must have a healthy diet, where you eliminate fats, the amount of salt from meals and also sugar, so if we think about this, honey is sugar and we shouldn’t consume it as often, However, honey has been shown to help make changes in metabolism that in turn help burn calories, spending much more energy.

Taking a spoonful of honey before bedtime can be flattering, because it helps reduce cravings for sweets, satiate anxiety, without generating dependence on sugar. It also exists in the opposite case, that is, not all people can consume sugar at night, because this could disturb sleep, which is of the utmost importance in order to lose weight.

It is also not recommended to take this spoonful of honey every day, it should be especially for when you want to quench anxiety.

2.- How many calories does honey have?

Sugar is usually one of the components that causes the most damage in the body, because it accumulates in the form of fat and when consumed in excess, it can be the cause of different diseases and conditions, such as diabetes and obesity.

With respect to calories, 100 grams of honey contain approximately 300 calories, slightly less than sugar, where 100 grams contain 380 calories. Neither of them are recommended to consume, unless they are in really moderate quantities.

3.- How does cinnamon help you burn fat?

Cinnamon is one of the best species for cooking, both in sweet and savory recipes, in addition to the incredible flavor it represents in meals, it also brings great benefits to the body such as helping in the weight loss process. Cinnamon produces a thermogenesis effect in the body with fat cells, which helps to dispose of it or burn it much more effectively. That is, as it is a very strong spice, this heat that it produces within the body, causes many more calories and fat to be burned, as well as the elimination of toxins.

4.- How to prepare cinnamon tea to lose weight?

Preparing cinnamon tea for this purpose is very simple, you just have to put in a pot a cup of water and in it you will add, two or three cinnamon sprigs, or you can also put its powdered version, it could Be one or two tablespoons. Subsequently, you should let this boil, remove from heat and let it rest, strain if you used the branches and take it on an empty stomach when it is still warm every day. You should also add a few drops of lemon and a small spoon of honey to sweeten.

5.- What are the benefits of cinnamon?

Finally, we close with a video that explains what are the best benefits of cinnamon for weight loss, and also how it can help you lose your belly and waist.


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