For many people who want to lose weight, they believe that any process of weight loss is very boring and especially that of a lot of sacrifice, well no, but that does not imply that losing weight is simple, if you have to have willpower and comply with certain rules.

As there are a lot of weight loss formulas, now I want to show you how to lose weight with natural shakes, since shakes that are based on natural ingredients not only have special weight loss properties, but also They have special properties to maintain good health in general.

First of all you have to keep in mind that the shakes are not the ones that can replace breakfast or some food, you just have to consume these shakes as complements of some food, because then I leave you with some shakes that will be of A lot of help for you to lose weight in a healthy way.


The strawberry is a healthy and delicious strawberry that is considered as very important ingredients for the preparation of a shake to lose weight. To prepare a delicious smoothie to lose weight you only need a glass of nonfat yogurt and 5 or 6 fresh strawberries. All you have to do is simply place these ingredients in the blender glass, process for a moment and consume immediately so you can take better advantage of their properties.

Strawberry Properties : Strawberries not only have special properties to stimulate the metabolism to burn more fat to lose weight, but it is also considered an important source of vitamin C, and magnesium that slows aging. Because of its high fiber content, the strawberry allows you to keep your stomach full for longer and the amount of calories they contain is very low.


Pineapple is one of the fruits that is present in the majority of diets to lose weight, this thanks to the fact that they have very important fat burning properties, and that it is better to complement it with celery in the preparation of a smoothie natural. To prepare a smoothie to lose you just have to use ingredients such as sliced ​​pineapple god, three celery sprigs and half a glass of water.

Properties of celery : Celery, being a food that has a high water content, makes it a food that can be easily digested, which makes It is a natural diuretic food, in addition it is perfect for cleaning the body, which is very important in any process of weight loss, in addition to helping you prevent stomach and colon cancer.

Properties of pineapple : Pineapple has a substance called bromelain, which is not only very good for digesting proteins, but has also been shown to be an important substance that helps digest fat, which is why it is a special fruit for weight loss. On the other hand, they have a significant amount of fiber, vitamin C and a low percentage of calories.


This is one of the best shakes to lose weight since pineapple contains great slimming effects and in the same way the apple. For the preparation of this slimming smoothie you need a cup of diced pineapple and a cup of apple preferably green chopped into small cubes. Place all these ingredients in the blender glass, so that it is not too thick to add some hot or cold boiled water, this depends on your personal taste. If they are in winter season you can have a hot milkshake, but if it is for summer the water can be boiled but frozen that you have left for a few hours in the fridge.


Finally, the smoothie that is also recommended is peach and pineapple. You need a half cup of diced pineapple and half a cup of peach pulp, chopped into small pieces. Place all the ingredients in the blender glass to beat for a few minutes and be ready to consume.


  • Natural shakes to lose weight I recommend that you consume it especially at breakfast, as a complement or that you better do it every day on an empty stomach. This is the perfect time for the body to better receive the slimming properties of the shakes.
  • After the preparation, it is necessary that you consume the smoothies as soon as possible, do not leave it for more than 5 minutes, since this causes the natural shakes to lose all their properties and not help you at all.
  • Complement the consumption of these shakes with a healthy diet, so that losing weight will be easier than you imagine.
  • You also need to exercise for at least 5 or 6 days a week for a period of 30 to 45 minutes each day.


Among the properties that carrot has to lose weight in a healthy way is that it is a powerful natural diuretic and also has a high fiber content. On the other hand it is a perfect food that helps satiate hunger for a longer time, in addition it is also considered a great natural antioxidant.

These natural properties are what make carrots one of the recommended vegetables to lose weight and maintain good health, so you don’t have to stop including carrot in your daily diet that can be either beaten or in a shake. Some other healthy preparation. Carrot shakes are easy to prepare where you can take advantage of their properties, so for this I immediately leave you the recipe for natural carrot shakes to lose weight fast.


This is one of the simplest options to prepare a carrot smoothie perfectly complemented with orange, which has a large amount of vitamin C that helps stimulate the metabolism to burn fat naturally. In addition, it is also ideal for purifying the body.

Ingredients: The ingredients used for the preparation are completely natural. Use a carrot, juices of two medium oranges, a tablespoon of ground oatmeal and light sweetener.

Preparation : Start by chopping the carrot to place in the blender together with the other ingredients. Process evenly a uniform preparation. Serve immediately and take. The use of the sweetener is optional.


You can say that this smoothie is the perfect combination of green juice and carrot. This is a natural smoothie that has carrot as its main ingredient, but that is complemented with other ingredients, which is why it is vital to lose weight and maintain a better state of health.

Ingredients : two carrots, half a cup of fresh spinach and half a cup of strawberries or melon.

Preparation : you have to chop the carrot and spinach to just place it in the blender cup together with the strawberry, add some water to start processing in a way more simple Serve and enjoy fasting or breakfast.


This is one of the most complete options available, which can be consumed as part of breakfast, although you can also replace breakfast if it is prepared with a spoonful of honey.

Ingredients : a carrot, a slice of pineapple, half a cup of water, two tablespoons of chia seeds and a tablespoon of honey.

Preparation : the preparation is very simple, you just have to have the pineapple and the diced carrot to place in the blender jar with the rest of the ingredients to process by couple of minutes. Finally it serves and consumption immediately.

Frequently asked questions

1.- What benefits does pineapple provide for weight loss?

Pineapple is one of the best fruits for weight loss, because it has multiple benefits for the body, such as considered a natural remedy, due to its detoxifying, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Pineapple is rich in an enzyme called bromeliad, which is characterized by an important mucolytic function that helps dissolve mucus, helping to prevent lung infections and other diseases such as asthma. In turn, these enzymes are ideal for better regulation of the body, improving digestion, eliminating gas, constipation, reducing bile and preventing inflammation of the abdomen.

This delicious fruit also has a high fibta content that helps to purify the body and eliminate toxins. The level of potassium is high, which also helps detoxify and purify the body, which in turn prevents conditions such as rheumatism and hypertension.

2.- How to eat a pineapple diet to lose weight?

Surely you will also have heard about the pineapple diet, which is usually very effective for losing weight quickly, healthy in a short time. Like everything we always recommend following complete, healthy meals and where there is a balance, so, if you are interested in knowing everything about the pineapple diet, here is a video where they explain you in detail.

3.- How to prepare the blueberry milkshake to lose weight?

Cranberry is another of the best fruits to lose weight, not only for its slimming properties and diuretic effect, but also because it is a fruit that has very few calories, because what is ideal makes smoothies, here we will teach you how to prepare this milkshake

What you will need : a full cup of frozen blueberries, a cup of almond milk, coconut or the option you prefer, you can also put a little water if you prefer, then you need three tablespoons of oatmeal and stevia to sweeten.

The preparation : is very simple, you just have to put everything in the blender, it is preferable that the fruit is previously frozen, to get a better consistency, place only a little Stevia to sweeten and oatmeal is to enhance the properties of the shake, providing fiber and making it much more protein, ideal to enjoy between meals.

4.- What are the properties of flaxseed?

Flaxseed is a superfood that has become very popular these days, although it has always been used, although it has been used for different uses and home remedies, today it has become the ally of all those who They want to lose weight. If you want to know the properties and benefits of flaxseed, we leave them here in this image.




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