So many of you haven’t heard of your liver diet yet, but it’s sometimes necessary. The liver belongs to one of the most important organs of the human body and fulfills countless irreplaceable functions such as detoxifying the organism or metabolizing nutrients.

If for any reason we encounter liver problems, we should start this diet immediately to ensure their recovery and treatment.

Problems with the liver can be of various origins, sometimes we damage ourselves by improper diet and alcohol at other times, they fail without cause.

How do you behave when this happens?

The essence of the liver diet

First of all, it is necessary to establish a so-called liver diet that is mainly about reducing fatty foods, salt, and total alcohol bans. The damaged liver is a bile that emulsifies the fats in a reduced amount, so their distribution in the body is very complicated.

In the case of liver damage, there is a change in protein conversion, so we must also ensure sufficient intake of high-quality, easily digestible proteins to maintain muscle mass and other vital physiological processes.

Also, remember a sufficient supply of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and K and micronutrients zinc and iron.

What’s allowed? On a liver diet you can:

    • Lean meat (poultry, rabbit, fish, beef)
      • Low-fat or semi-fat dairy products
      • Non-irritating spices such as basil, parsley, oregano or chives
      • Vegetables (avoid bloating)
      • Yummy pastry yesterday (watch for fresh)
  • Healthy vegetable fats (olive, rapeseed) – but beware!
  • Beware of these forbidden foods:

    • Animal fats (fat, cheese, yoghurt, sausages)
      • Sharp spices (chili, salt)
      • Flatulent vegetables (onion, cauliflower)
      • Fat and fresh bread
      • Fat fish (salmon, mackerel)
  • Who’s a liver diet suitable for?

    This diet is suitable for people suffering from liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis, encephalopathy or hepatitis, including hepatic insufficiency. Diet can be followed to reduce weight, due to the absence of fatty and unhealthy foods, can be a great way to achieve your dream weight.

    It is also forbidden to fry and cook foods on this diet, | always prefer cooking or steaming.

    One day diet on a liver diet

    Breakfast: Oatmeal cooked on the water | with some skim milk | sweetened with honey, banana

    Snack: Apple, fruit snack

    Lunch: Fat-free chicken slices with potatoes, tomato

    Snack: Low-fat kefir milk

    Dinner: Fish fillets prepared without fat, boiled carrots, pasta

    A recipe for healthy salt and fat-free dumplings for your liver

    Get ready

    • 50 g of potato starch
    • A little honey to sweeten


    1. We make non-sticky dough from all the raw materials.
    2. Then we shape the dumplings |
    3. Cook the shaped dumplings in boiling unsalted water until they float to the surface.
    4. Bon appetit!

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of this diet?


    • You’ll learn to eat healthy
      • You’re dropping excess pounds
      • With enough fiber from fruits and vegetables | to cleanse your intestines
      • Avoid unhealthy fats causing cardiovascular disease
      • You’ll lower your cholesterol intake
    • Diet is one of the less strict
  • Against

    • You may miss sausages and sweets
      • You must take care of enough fat-free proteins
      • You have to watch the supply of fat-soluble vitamins
      • Changing the concentration of important elements in the body (zinc, iron)
      • Water management disorders
    • Decreased blood sugar |


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