ᐅ Fat burning – the most effective strategies

  The buzzword “fat burning” is on everyone’s lips. After introducing you to the difference between burning fat and losing weight, we will once again present common misconceptions and tips on truly effective training strategies for reducing body fat through exercise. Fat Burning: Generally, endurance training is usually associated with. Who runs long and slow or cycling, the superfluous love

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Strength training for runners: the 3 biggest mistakes – that’s how you avoid them

Training or nutrition - what makes you lose weight more?

“body care”. This is what my former running coach and Hamburg champion, Andreas Hünerberg, calls the strength training for runners. How effectively you can lose weight training is probably nothing new to you if you’re already a Dranbleiber. And even run purists who actually want to “only” run profit from muscle building. If you pay attention to a few things.

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