In recent years, magnesium supplementation has become increasingly popular and important. Many people already know a lot of important information about magnesium supplementation.

For example, the need to take magnesium in a sufficient daily dose, the need to take magnesium long term, to take magnesium in some form, preferably as an organic acid salt. .


It is important to distinguish between magnesium supplementation for sports purposes and magnesium supplementation in some diseases.

Supplementation in athletes

Supplementation is easier with athletes. It should be understood that the daily dose administered may be greater than the recommended daily dose.

Magnesium consumption in physical activity increases, moreover, a sportsman is often in a stressful situation, so the daily dose of a sports activity can and sometimes must be higher than the recommended daily dose.

Even athletes should know that it is often better to take magnesium together with calcium for long-term supplementation, especially in people with a fast metabolic type.

Supplementation in patients

If magnesium supplementation deals with a disease, such as latent tetany or panic disorder, then the situation may be more complicated.

Often magnesium supplementation alone is not enough. It is also necessary to supplement other trace elements, to adjust the way of eating to learn to cope with stress which means to relax regularly. All this is best done through a biochemical examination provided by hair element analysis.

Moreover, even these measures are not always sufficient. Often we also need other procedures, especially learning to think differently. We need to change our thinking and we need to change our attitude to life.

We often need to learn to be grateful for everything we have. We need to learn to forgive not just for other people, but for ourselves. Read articles that explain each term in more detail.

We often need to avoid contact with negative people and seek contact with positive people. The best way is to find a group of positive people who are heading somewhere, to join such a group and try to turn their negative attitude into a positive one.

The approach to magnesium supplementation must therefore be long-term, persistent, and comprehensive. Therefore, some people fail using only magnesium supplementation alone and constantly ask me: “When will the magnesium finally work?”


  1. There is a need for a comprehensive approach that includes not only magnesium supplementation, but also supplementation with other dietary supplements, a metabolic-type diet, regular relaxation and a change in thinking and attitude to life.
  2. It is worth to seek contact with positive people read appropriate literature, listen to positive thinking recordings, | watch positive films.
  3. This complex of measures will then make the expected change if you persist.

The most important thing you probably haven’t known about magnesium supplementation is that the approach to magnesium supplementation must be complex, and that magnesium supplementation alone is usually not enough.




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